How it works

  • you choose car for expedition
  • we drive RC cars and walk with them for 3 hours on suitable path in forest or by agreement
  • we live adventure and discovery
  • we look after technics, bateries and make sure cars runs all the time

For who is program suitable?

  • kids with parents
  • group of friends
  • birthday expeditions and parties
  • kids camps organizers
  • camp sites managers

What you get?

  • car for expedition – choose your favourite
  • active fun in nature
  • adrenalin experience with friends or new friends you meet
  • walking and healthy movement without even noticing
  • far far away from computer screen or mobile phone
  • driving licence group RC ­čśë

Expedition includes

  • offroad RC car
  • instructions of common service
  • tparticipation on leading of group
  • overcoming of obstacles and problem solving on our adventure path
  • optional creative workshop for building your car


Photos and emotions from action





Recommended localities


Localities waiting for discovery

You can recommend to us cool path for ride you know.


Choose your cars

Movie cars

Delorean from Back to Future, Knight Rider, Mad Max


Racing cars

Dakar Tatra


Formula F1


Racing truck Iveco


Škoda 120 Trotina




Technic cars

Sweeper truck


Garbage truck


Concrete truck

Expedition trabants

Trabant Egu, Babu and Maluch





Iveco Bus


Bus Iveco DPMB or DPP


Next adrenalin cars

┼ákoda Rapid – emergency car DPMB


Škoda 120


Mad Max Interceptor



Famous cars and celebrities

Tesla Cybertruck


Arnold Schwarzenegger a Mercedes G – Kreisel


London bus


Legendary and iconic cars

Mustang Shelby


Bugatti T35B by most famous czech lady driver Eliška Junková


Legendary Audi Quattro 4×4


Racing legend BMW 3.5 CSL


Other cars …

The Tap Tap


Škoda 110 R



Cars in preparation: Jeep, Land Rover Defender, Suzuki Jimmi, American truck, Tesla S, Terminator truck …

Cars in service: Mini Cooper, White trabant, Hummer …


Build your own car by template – Creative workshop before expedition

  • you can build your own car for expedition
  • we provide templates, material and tool for creation of your custom made chassis





Branded car/company talisman for employees

  • Preparation of cars in brand design
  • Employees can play with them and nontraditionaly spend their time
  • Interesting opportunity for positive promotion of company
  • We look after running and service


We can build your favourite personal car

  • Highly functionaly chassis and model of your car
  • Whole car with needed equipment ready to purchase if you wish
  • Our technology is focused on durability and time endurance during driving. For these reasons are details simplified.




3 hours of driving + 1 hour of optional creative workshop for building your chassis – 25ÔéČ per car.
Transport cost we set individually. Starting points are Brno, Prague and T├Żn nad Vltavou – depends on date (typicaly 2ÔéČ per 10 km)

You can share the cost in family or with friends and share car.



For reservation call +420 776 105 039 – Pavel Kynick├Ż


Poster for Czech/Dutch campsite „Autocamp na Kopci“